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Careers Education, Advice, Information and Guidance

For any queries, please contact Mrs Elaine Mawhinney on 01924 483660 or by emailing emawhinney@themfg.co.uk

The Academy seeks to ensure that through its Careers Education, Advice, Information and Guidance (CEAIG) programme, all students gain the skills, knowledge and understanding to manage their own lifelong learning and career development. 

CEAIG helps students to feel positive about themselves and their futures, raise their aspirations and take responsibility for their own career paths. Through a range of personalised interventions, they are more able to match themselves to progression routes and prepare for the world of work, leading to a positive contribution to society and fulfilling their career potential. A key role of the Careers team is to identify students who are at risk of drop out or becoming NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training) and develop strategies that will prevent this from happening. 


The main components of the programme are: 

  • a planned programme of CEAIG for all ages
  • access to independent and impartial information on opportunities in learning and work 
  • access to individualised careers guidance and support 
  • experience of the workplace to develop key employability skills 
  • To identify and reduce the likelihood of students becoming NEET or dropping out through a variety of interventions.  
  • To ensure students have interactions with a variety of colleges, training providers, employers and universities in order to make an informed decision. 

Work Experience

The Academy believes that work experience is an important component of work-related learning.  It has an impact on young people’s motivation and maturation and is therefore given a priority in KS4 provision in particular.  The Academy has recently reviewed its current practise and the following documents: The Gatsby Report for Good Careers Guidance, 2014, “Going in the right direction? Careers guidance in schools from September 2012. OFSTED 2013” and “Review of vocational education: the Wolf report (DFE-00031-2011), DfE/BIS, 2011” 

Aims of Work Experience 

 To enable students to: 

  • improve their communication and other key skills;
  • become more aware of the skills and qualifications needed for work;
  • improve their knowledge of one particular job area;
  • learn how to research into labour market trends and employment opportunities;
  • learn more about their own strengths and weaknesses;
  • develop positive self-esteem.


All students take part in five day’s work in Year 11.  Our placement agency is The Work Experience Team at Calderdale and Kirklees Careers Service Partnership Limited.  They assess all placements for safety, risk and insurance.  There are other opportunities for students to take part in work experience and/or shadowing.  Students on vocational courses have further placements relevant to these courses.  

Measuring Success

The impact and success of the schools’ CEAIG programme is regularly evaluated through using the Compass Tool to measure the provision against each of the seven Gatsby benchmarks and through internal student voice feedbacks and evaluations. Furthermore, The recent OFSTED report found that

 “Pupils are well prepared for their next steps through effective careers education. As a result, the proportion of pupils moving into education, employment and training at the end of Year 11 is above the national average.”

 “Opportunities for students to undertake work experience enhance their understanding and are appropriately linked to their interests and aspirations.”

 “Careers advice and guidance are a strength. Students value the information they receive and are well informed. They speak convincingly about their next steps and future plans. The ‘spotlight’ on an industry or profession and its programme of visiting speakers provides a useful source of impartial advice.”

 “All students move on to higher education, training or full-time employment. Many students take up university places. An increasing number successfully take up apprenticeships.”

Our Careers Education, Advice, Information and Guidance and Work Experience Policy can be found here.

Below are links to the regularly updated documents that students and parents/ carers can access to support confident and informed decisions being made on students’ next steps.

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For more information about Careers Education and Work Experience please contact Mrs Mawhinney  (emawhinney@themfg.co.uk)