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KS4 Business

Both GCSE Business Studies and the Level 2 NCFE Award in Business and Enterprise are offered at KS4, GCSE following the Edexcel specification. The taught curriculum is supported through additional activities such as the Coca Cola Challenge and trips to businesses, which have included Coca Cola Enterprises and Cadbury's World, giving students a real life experience of business in action. Visiting speakers also give students a real insight into the business world. During both courses students will develop practical skills, such as time management, personal organisation and action planning; presentation and communication skills through group work, and cognitive skills through reflection and evaluation of their own and others’ performances.

GCSE Business

The GCSE course will encourage students to engage in the study of business and economics and develop knowledge, understanding and skills, which they can apply to a range of local, national and global organisations. Students will have the opportunity to use an enquiry based approach to solve problems, build arguments and think critically to make informed judgements. Ethical and environmental influences will be considered, and a range of stakeholder perspectives studied in relation to a range of contemporary issues facing businesses.

The following units will be studied over 2 years:

  • Unit 1: Introduction to Small Business: covering a range of issues faced when starting up a new, small business, such as enterprise skills, finance, market research; 25% of final grade; multiple choice and objectives test questions; 45 minutes; 40 marks.
  • Unit 2: Investigating Small Business: Controlled Assessment: Research is carried out on a small business to answer 1 of 5 questions set by the examination board; 6 hours preparation and 3 hours write up time; 25% of final grade; 40 marks.
  • Unit 3: Building a Business: covering the main business functions of marketing, finance, people in organisations and customer service; 1hour 30 minutes; 90 marks.

NCFE Business and Enterprise

The NCFE Award in Business and Enterprise is a vocational qualification and has been designed to develop knowledge and understanding of enterprise and the business sector, through practical application in a range of business activities.

The Level 2 certificate consists of 4 units studied over 2 years.


Unit 1: Introduction to Business and Enterprise - how new businesses start up and the risks and rewards that are involved with start-up businesses.

Unit 2: Marketing for Business and Enterprise - an insight into market research, and different marketing opportunities and techniques.


 Unit 3: Finance for Business and Enterprise - how to raise finance for a new business or enterprise.


Unit 4: Plan, Develop and Participate in a Business or Enterprise project - this unit aims to develop a project, plan and implement the project, and evaluate the overall success of the project.