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Key Stage 3

A high-quality English curriculum should inspire in students a passion for reading, writing and speaking that will empower them to understand the world around them, building on what they have learned at primary school. Our teaching is designed to be clear, stimulating and accessible for every student, with an emphasis on feedback to facilitate rapid progress.  Throughout Key Stage 3, students can expect to be challenged and engage with texts covering a wide range of themes and issues. Our aim is to develop every student’s ability to use and interpret English successfully, effectively and imaginatively. Students are assessed rigorously throughout and are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning and development. In addition, we expect students to become confident readers of high quality literature and to read for pleasure as well as for knowledge.

Our curriculum for English aims to ensure that all students:

  • develop into competent, enthusiastic and critical readers who are keen to engage with a wide variety of challenging fiction & non-fiction texts;
  • are given opportunities to develop as writers by learning to write in a range of genres and styles, for real-world purposes;
  • develop their ability to choose and adapt what they say and write in different situations, as well as appreciate and interpret the choices made by other writers and speakers.

Key Stage 4

The course of GCSE English covers both Literature and Language giving students the opportunity to gain two GCSE qualifications. At KS4, we aim to continue developing students’ interest, talent and enthusiasm for English. Students will take two GCSE awards in their lessons.

English Language

The study of English language allows students to demonstrate their ability in functional English, to investigate and analyse language and to experiment and use language creatively. Students will be required to read and understand a range of non-fiction texts, identify writers’ crafts and transfer these skills into their own writing for a range of genres, audiences and purposes. Students will draw on a variety of text types to transfer and develop their reading skills. Students will also develop their writing skills, writing for purpose and showing an awareness of their audience. Students currently complete two creative writing controlled assessments, where they can demonstrate imagination their awareness of essential writing skills.

 English Literature

The study of English Literature allows students to experience a range of literature with a variety of appeal drawn from contemporary and modern texts. The course is based on a skills-based approach to the study of literature. This enables students to closely analyse texts and essentially become experts in reading and discussing texts. The course allows students to explore literature in detail, analysing writers’ intentions, methods, attitudes. Students will experience a range of literary genres such as: poetry, Shakespeare, modern prose and contemporary authors. Through literature, students will develop essential close reading skills and a passion for reading.

In all aspects of English, understanding is improved by cultivating a reading habit. We encourage all students to read a wide range of books for pleasure and to discuss their reading choices with us.