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GSO Test

Online Safety for Parents

Amended Guidance for Parents - 24 February

26 February - Letter re: Return to School and Covid Testing

Testing times this week are as follows:

Wednesday 3rd March

9.00am - Year 11 Band 1 (Forms FORT)
10.15am - Year 11 Band 2 (Forms UNAE)
11.00am - Year 13
2.00pm - Year 10 Band 1 (Forms FORT)

Thursday 4th March

9.00am - Year 10 Band 2 (Forms UNAE)
10.15am - Year 7 Band 1 (Forms FORT)
11.30am - Year 7 Band 2 (Forms UNAE)
2.00pm - Year 12

Friday 5th March

9.00am - Year 8 Band 1 (Forms FORT)
10.15am - Year 8 Band 2 (Forms UNAE)
11.30am - Year 9 Band 1 (Forms FORT)
2.00pm - Year 9 Band 2 (Forms UNAE)

If you have completed a consent form online then a place for your child is confirmed.

Students should arrive in school uniform and we would encourage students who live locally to walk to school for their test appointment this week. There is no need for a parent/carer to accompany them. However, if your son/daughter needs to travel by car, please note there will be a limited amount of car park spaces available. It is essential that your son/daughter arrives on time as sessions will start promptly. The session will take approximately 45 minutes to an hour. Students must not wear any jewellery at all and long hair must be tied back. If possible, please provide the following set of equipment to bring to the session:

  • Mobile phone (the stopwatch is needed)
  • Pen/pencil
  • Face mask
  • Hand sanitiser

In order to prepare your son/daughter for their test, they should view the tutorial on the link below: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvaBZskxS7tzQYlVg7lwH5uxAD9UrSzGJ

Teams passwords

This is the document that supports parents/students in accessing Teams. Passwords are a 4 digit number that students will have received earlier in the year. Remember that usernames are in the format 20fbloggs@mirfieldstudent.co.uk

Click to download

For password resets or any other Teams issue, please complete this form and somebody will get in touch with you. Click here. Please do not ring reception or email into school. Thank you!

Wellbeing - please see below for useful information

 Wellbeing during lockdown



COVID-19: If your son/daughter tests positive for Covid over the weekend, please email

covid19support@themfg.co.uk   or    covid19support@mirfieldcollege.co.uk 
with your son/daughter's details and a member of the Senior Team will contact you with support.
Rules for self-isolation

Contact numbers:

The MFG: 01924 483660     office@themfg.co.uk 

Mirfield College: 01924 483666        enquiries@mirfieldcollege.co.uk


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